Vulture restaurant is established in Turkey to save the vultures from extinction

Vulture restaurant is established in Turkey to save the vultures from extinction | Vulture restaurant has become good tourist attraction

Vulture restaurant in turkeyA restaurant was established in Turkey exclusively for vultures. Let us go into the details of reasons behind this. A restaurant was set up to save the species of vultures from extinction. There are four species of vultures in Turkey. Their number is decreasing day by day. So to save them, this arrangement was made. The decreasing of their number is not a simple issue. Vultures are the defenders of the surrounding clean environment. If they are not there, there is danger of spreading many diseases from the decomposition of the dead bodies of various animals. This restaurant idea was implemented to save those vultures. Many vultures flew over there daily. They eat the food arranged by caretakers and go away. Actually the officials have not arranged tables and chairs there for their dining. They have just kept that name for a specific area and serving the purpose there. Caretakers arrange food there regularly without any gaps. They keep the dead bodies of birds died in accidents and the waste parts from flesh shops, died cows, horses and dogs. They won’t kill any animal especially for this purpose. Farmers will kill the wild pigs spoiling their farms and they give the dead bodies of pigs to the organizing officials of vulture restaurant. Many tourists are coming from the surrounding towns and even from the other countries to see the vulture restaurant. Many wild life photographers are coming there to take photographs of vultures. By this, the revenue of Turkey’s tourist department has also increased.

Vultures number decrease in these days due to the pesticides and chemicals used by us. These chemicals which are sprinkled over the farm fields get accumulated into the bodies of animals. Vultures eat their dead bodies and got infected by various diseases due to which they die. So in vulture restaurant, only chemical less food is provided for them. Vulture restaurant was newly kept in Turkey. There are vulture restaurants already in Mexico and Africa. All these measures all over the world are being taken to save the vultures from extinction as their number is decreasing day by day. In India also, vultures are going to extinct soon. One species of vultures are extincted by 99.0% till now.
Vulture Restaurant

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