Which is the Biggest Man-Made Lake in the World?

Which is the Biggest Man-Made Lake in the World?

Lake Volta is the largest reservoir by surface area in the world, and the fourth largest one by water volume. This is not a natural a lake but a manmade lake. Volta Lake is located completely within the country of Ghana in the African continent. The Volta Lake is regarded as one of the biggest lakes in the world which is in the fourth position, though it is a big reservoir when compared to its area. Ghana country is in the hands of British rule in the past. Ghana is the first country who became free and bagged independence from the chains of the British rule in the African continent. Volta River is one of the important and famous rivers in the world. As the Volta Lake is arranged next to this river, this river became famous as Volta Lake in course of time.

The Volta Lake is arranged in the area which is near to the banks of Akasombo River which is constructed by joining the Black Volta Lake and White Volta Lake. The Akosombo Dam which is also referred to as the Akosombo Hydroelectric Project is a hydroelectric dam of the Volta River in southeastern Ghana in the Akosombo gorge and part of the Volta River Authority. The Akosombo Dam was called “the largest single investment in the economic development plans of Ghana. Hydro electricity is prepared using the water that is there in the Akasombo dam.

The construction of the Volta Lake is started in 1961 and completed in the year 1965. But when this Lake is constructed, around 78 thousand of people and two laks of animals are transferred to other areas. Around 120 houses are demolished for the construction of the Volta Lake leaving the small houses. The power which is produced from this Lake is been transported to many countries and places. On the other hand, this power is been exported to the nearby countries and is gaining the export charges which is a profit for the project. The Volta Lake is also useful for the transportation. Many fishermen are making their livelihood by fishing the fishes in the Volta Lake. Finally, the Volta Lake is not only a supplier of power to other countries but also livinghood for the fishermen.

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