Sacsayhuaman | Sacsayhuaman Fort Remained a Mystery

Sacsayhuaman | Sacsayhuaman Fort Remained a Mystery

SacsayhuamanNowadays due to the improved technology and advancement in the machinery and tools building a stone wall is not difficult but the Incan empire people have proved their capability long back by building magnificent and huge walls. The Inca Empire is one of the most well known civilizations in the world. Sacsayhuaman is a strongly built wall with stones. It is located on a steep hill of the northern outskirts of the city of Cusco, Peru. Because of its steep and immense terrace walls the area of Sacsayhuaman is frequently referred to as a fort.

Some researchers believe that Sacsayhuaman is a king’s fort. But some others deny saying that the fort was not built in keeping mind of the security measures because an enemy can easily enter the fort and attack. Sacsayhuaman is built by zig-zag shaped big stones. All stones are in different shapes and sizes and even some stones are in 3 meters long sized.

The greatness of the wall is though the stones are of different shapes and sizes all of them are placed in a planned manner. The famous zone of Sacsayhuaman includes its great plaza and its adjacent three massive terrace walls. The stones used in the construction of these terraces are among the largest used in any building of America. The stones are so closely spaced that a single piece of paper will not fit between many of the stones. The longest of three walls in the terrace is about 400 meters. They are about 6 meters tall. The estimated volume of stone is over 6,000 cubic meters. The estimated weight of the largest limestone blocks vary from 128 tonnes to almost 200 tonnes. By standing on the top of the 3701 meters steep wall the complete city can be viewed. Till today no one is aware of the purpose why the historical engineers took up the construction of this magnificent wall. Even sun temple is located at this historical site. So all the religious programs are celebrated at this location. Here Inca festival is celebrated in the month of December. It is also used for jogging and other sports. Now this site has become a famous archaeological site in America and remained as a mystery in the world.

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