Christ-The-Redeemer Statue |Christ-The-Redeemer is one of the World’s Seven Wonders

Christ-The-Redeemer Statue |Christ-The-Redeemer is one of the World’s Seven Wonders

There is one big hill and a tallest pedestal on the edge of it. On that a big Christ statue was present with stretched hands. This is the tallest statue made in the art deco process. This is one of the seven wonders announced recently. This is on a hill in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. The height of that hill is 2296 feet and on that approximately 30 feet pedestal and above that approximately 100 feet statue. The width of this statue is 98 feet. This statue is visible from a distance of hundred kilometers also. The name of this statue is “Christ-the redeemer”.

The statue has acquired such a popularity that it is been remembered if heard Brazil name. This statue is being made stronger and is being coated substances that are apt for the weather there. In recent times there was a big cyclone in Brazil.  Many trees and buildings collapsed but nothing happened to this statue. The reason is that the soap stone material used for the outer coating had safe guarded the statue from thunders and lightening. But due to heavy rains it is damaged at some places, hence this renovation.

The idea of constructing a huge Christ statue was there from 1850. But the then princess Isabel did not show any interest at that time. Again in 1921 the trails were started. So many samples were seen and finally stretched hands model was selected. The reason is to tell the God will have   love towards all. After that donations were collected from people and the construction began. It took nine years for construction and was completed in year 1931. The weight of this statue is 700 tons. The cost of construction is above Rs.11 crores. This has secured a place in Seven Wonders of the World announced on 7th July 2007.

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