Edward Jenner Saved Many Lives | Edward Jenner Invented Vaccine to Smallpox

Edward Jenner Saved Many Lives | Edward Jenner Invented Vaccine to Smallpox

Edward JennerOnce upon a time when the word smallpox disease was heard, a sudden and intense fear ran through the people in all parts of the world. It is because, one among the three who got infected with it used to die. In that way, in a time gap of hundred years from 1700 to 1800 more than six crores of people died of smallpox all over the world. But now, that smallpox disease is not at all seen anywhere in the world. This is because of the strenuous efforts in the experimental research of a great scientist regarding the prevention of smallpox disease. And that scientist is none other than Edward Jenner. He was a Britain scientist. He was very well known as the saver of many lives in the World.

Edward Jenner was born on 17th May in 1749 to a clergyman. From childhood, he developed keen interest and curiosity towards the Doctor profession. In those days to become a doctor, there is facility to get trained from an elderly doctor. In that way, at the age of fourteen Edward Jenner got trained and practiced for more than eight years from a surgeon. After getting the degree in medicine as a doctor, Jenner moved to his native village and took up the doctor profession to service the poor.

Edward Jenner observed the increasing intensity of smallpox disease in those days. Then he decided to invent the medicine for preventing the smallpox disease. He started studying, analyzing the smallpox disease with careful observations. Similar to the smallpox for human beings, there is cowpox disease among cows. Cowpox disease affects the workers in the poultries of cows. Cowpox is not dreadful disease like smallpox disease. Moreover, Jenner observed that those cattle breeding workers who are affected with cowpox are not getting affected with smallpox. Then he understood that the actual medicine for smallpox lies in the cowpox disease. Jenner started doing experiments with some healthy persons. With their permission, Jenner injected the a little fluid taken from cowpox into the cuts made on the person’s hands. After getting cured from cowpox, the same person is injected now with smallpox virus. To his surprise, those injected persons were not affected by smallpox. Then he declared the results of his experiments to public and explained clearly. As a result of his experiments, today a little cowpox virus fluid is injected at the time of birth as a vaccine to prevent smallpox disease. Hence the person becomes sterile to smallpox disease.

Edward Jenner was awarded with the title KNIGHT by British Parliament for his contribution towards the prevention of smallpox disease. Oxford University offered prestigious doctorate to Jenner. Russian Czar offered a gold ring to him as gift. France Dictator, Napoleon ordered every one of his nation to inject the vaccine of smallpox disease. American government offered many awards and gifts to Edward Jenner.

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