Goddard was the first to test a rocket that flied up to 41 feet

Goddard was the first to test a rocket that flied up to 41 feet | Goddard also designed missiles

GoddardMan is always fond of traveling into space. Human brain started searching for information since the time he studied in epics about people travelling in space or flying in air.

In these days, space traveling has become very common. A few decades ago, it is only dream and imagination to go into the space. In this context, a scientist named Goddard has brought these dreams into reality through his experiments. He was born on 5th October, 1882. He used to wonder how the things could go up and fly due to chemical reactions and fire. At the age of 32 years, he proposed that it is possible to design a rocket of racket using which it is possible to go the moon. In 1915, he had proved that rocket could fly even in space.

In the history of Space research, 26th march of 1926 is a wonderful day. On that day, Goddard has made a rocket with fuel ignition and tested it. It flied up to 41 feet from earth. That experiment has been the foundation for today’s rockets. Goddard was not satisfied himself with research on rockets. He instead motivated himself towards his thoughts strongly and designed missiles. But unfortunately without fulfilling his dream of sending a rocket to moon, he died of throat cancer on 10th august, 1959. On his remembrance NASA of America has established a research centre and named it as ‘Goddard space flight centre’.

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