Hailstorms cause damage to crops and houses

Hailstorms cause damage to crops and houses | The bigger the size of hail the more damage it causes

HailstormsDuring   summer and the winter seasons rainfall with hails take place. These hailstorms cause much damage to fields and houses. Sometimes even due to high intensity of hails, human beings and animals also die. Let’s find out in detail about the hailfall.

When clouds go up in the sky, upper part of the cloud becomes cold and transforms to water vapour droplets. In this situation, air hits the cloud up from bottom. Then temperature falls down suddenly and small droplets of vapour transform into ice particles. Then water particles due to more weight get dropped and join with ice particles and transform finally into hails and fall down to earth. These hails in size may range from millimeters to few centimeters. The more is the size of the hails, the more is chance of threat for damage.

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