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When was Tannenberg Battle Fought and between whom?

When was Tannenberg Battle Fought and between whom?

When was Tannenberg Battle Fought and between whom?

Tannenberg battle was the war which was fought between Russia and Germany in 1914. This war was fought between August 26th and August 30th, 1914 and it was only for four days. In these four days, 3,10,000 Russian people died and another 90,000 German warriors were kept as prisoners. Russian people who entered the war with high expectations lost the war. This war is the best example for the people to tell that what happens when people enter the war without advanced technology and proper equipment. In 1914, Germany had sent its army against France to fight against it. Russian people who thought that it was the right decision to attack Germany sent its army against it. In total, 10 lakh Russian people were engaged in this war.


German people were shocked to know that Russian people had entered Persia. They were tensed that all their army was in the borders to fight against France and so there are many chances for Russian people to win the war. German people won the war wisely and they had utilized all the resources which they are having. They had moved their army towards the Russian people with the help of railway services they are having. With the help of telephone lines and telegraph services, they exchanged the information between each other. Russian people don’t know the usage of coding in exchanging the information and this was the positive aspect for German people to win the war. German people used to trap the telephone lines which were made by Russian people and they used to know the information passed between them. Germany had won the war by using the telecommunications, railways, railway lines and telephone lines.

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