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Space Shuttle Journey to Sun | Solar Probe Plus To Go Nearer To the Sun

Space Shuttle Journey to Sun | Solar Probe Plus To Go Nearer To the Sun

Space Shuttle Journey to Sun | Solar Probe Plus To Go Nearer To the Sun


Solar Probe Plus

Solar Probe Plus

Due to advancement in the technology, Humans are sending space shuttles to different planets. American space organization NASA has planned to send the space shuttle named solar probe plus in the year 2018 to the sun. It is estimated that the approximate cost for this experiment would be around 4500 crores. So what can be the reason for sending it with such a huge cost? Because it is aimed to collect the data around the sun named corona. Sun is around 15 crores km far away from the earth. Corona is spread around 10 lakhs km around the sun. Corona is surrounded by hot air and the fire from the sun.


So the interesting fact is that if the temperature on sun is 5000 Degrees then the temperature on corona is 200 times higher due to which the temperature is above 10 lakhs degrees. No one knows the reason for the high temperature on it. Also the strongest solar winds blow from the corona area. Sometimes these solar winds effect the radio transmissions, satellite network and electrical transmissions and create havoc and confusion. In order to avoid these problems knowing some more information on the corona is really useful for us.

Now the solar probe plus will cross the mercury orbit and go deeper inside it. It will go towards the sun till approx 64 lakhs kilometers and sends the useful data by revolving around it. Gradually it goes nearer to the sun and burn down. In terms of weight, Scientists have designed the shuttle to be very light weight. For most satellite launches, the scheduled launch rocket is aimed straight up at first. This gets the rocket through the thickest part of the atmosphere most quickly and best minimizes fuel consumption.

Most of the satellites are sent into orbit by a rocket. Several countries have rocket launching capabilities that can sent the satellites comprising several tons, safely into orbit on a regular basis. So do you think that till now no space shuttles are sent to sun orbit? Countries like America Russia and Japan has sent the shuttles in 1973.Compared to those satellites solar probe plus is going 8 times nearer to the sun. So it will take 8 weeks to go nearer to the sun.

In USA most of the Space shuttles are sent from Kennedy Space Center and in Japan it is Japanese Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA). The Indian Space Research Organization is the primary body for space research and it is one of the major space research organizations in the world. Following the success of Chandrayaan-1, it is planning a series of further lunar missions in the next decade including a manned mission. Adyta is the First Indian space based Solar Coronagraph to study solar Corona in visible and near IR bands. Is planned to launch the mission in the year 2012. The main objectives of the mission is to study the Coronal Mass Ejection and the crucial physical parameters for space weather such as the evolution of the coronal magnetic field, coronal magnetic field structures. This will provide completely new information on the velocity fields and the heating problem of the corona would be obtained.


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