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What are the Main Functions of Trees for Free Organization?

What are the Main Functions of Trees for Free Organization?

What are the Main Functions of Trees for Free Organization?

The air pollution is not caused by the trees. On the other hand, the rains are fallen in correct time if there are abundant trees. It is well known fact that with the correct and proper rainfall, much good is done to the environment on all the factors. But, having all the facilities like opportunity, time, place and incomes are very less in these days as the whole time is been spending for the income and for their livelihood. But, one can get a doubt that what kind of trees are to be planted which do good to the environment? On the other hand, the doubt like where those kinds of plants are available? The people who do not know even this information are seen in abundant in the existing society. Besides these factors, there are the people who do not have proper financial status to maintain such good environment by purchasing good and healthy plants and those who do not have sufficient time and place to plant those trees. The problems may vary from one another.

Janet Yegneswaran is one of the people who has established a voluntary organization in Bangalore for a good cause. Everyone knows the benefits of planting trees: cleaner air, good monsoons, no global warming. But most of us don’t get the time or sometimes don’t really have the inclination to go that extra mile to plant a tree. Trees for Free is a wonderful organization that has taken up this initiative in Bangalore. They involve volunteers and companies, inspiring them to give back to the environment. This organization is offering free trees for the people who are having interest in planting the trees. On the other hand, this organization also shows the place or the area to plant their trees if they do not have the land of their own. In this way, the Trees For Free has planted a number of plants in Bangalore. The major companies like Yahoo and Aditya Birla Group are offering their financial assistance for this organization. In their company, each person will plant a tree on their birthday and celebrate their day.

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