How to get the back up of the data present in the computer system? | Different online free storage and back up services

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Posted on: June 3, 2010

How to get the back up of the data present in the computer system? | Different online free storage and back up services

computer-systemSuddenly if the hard disk gets crashed! If the deleted files are known to be the important ones! If it is needed to get back those files! Back up is necessary.

Memory of computers is now available in hundreds of GB. Thousands of files can be saved in the system. They may contain important files like word documents, PowerPoint presentations, favorite music or video. Sometimes unknowingly it gets deleted by some or the other person. To get back those some tools are used. Are you doing back up? It is better to take care before only rather than loosing files. So, let us see the online and offline ways of taking back up of the data….

Even single bit will not be lost…..

To back up the data through disk imaging, Macrium Reflect software can be downloaded. It can be run in Windows XP, Vista and 7 operating systems. Data back up can be done in File back up, Disk Imaging and XML methods. Copy can be made in CD, DVD, local and network drives. They can be encrypted through password so that others can’t access the data. Data disk image can be created using Microsoft Volume Shadow Copy Service. Software can be configured to back up the data at specified time. For more details, visit www.

Data can be stored online totally!

IDrive provides a facility to back up the data online safely and quickly. Software should be downloaded from the website and it should be installed. After signing in, just two clicks are enough to back up important data like photos, documents and others. Two GB space can be got freely. Automatic back up option can also be set with this software. Mozyhome website also offers to back up the data. Two GB of free space is provided in this site also. Data can be secured through military grade encryption. Unlimited storage can be got by upgraded services. For more details, visit, www.

ADrive provides free 50GB space!

How to back up if the important data has to be saved in a net centre or office or any other place? If there is no pen drive or any other back up available in that time? Then log in to ADrive account. Fifty GB of free space can be got by registering with mail id. It is called online storage and back up service. Data of any form like cinema, documents, photos, music or any other forms can be uploaded and back up can be done. Documents can be edited online itself. Java scritp is necessary to upload the files. Folders can be created as like in a system. Data can be shared with others also. For more details, visit www.

Skydrive provides 25 GB space

Microsoft offers skydrive that works like other hard drives of the system. It provides 25GB of free space. Important data can be uploaded to skydrive even from the net centre. For this, one should register in the site with the email id. After signing in, create folder link can be used to create folders as like in a system. Five files can be uploaded at a time by clicking on the Add files button. Uploaded photos can be viewed in a slide show by selecting the option in the side bar. Files can be viewed in icons, details, thumbnails view. Files can be made public or private by clicking on the view permission of the more option. To share the data with friends, click on Share button. For more details, visit www.

10 GB free space is provided by humyo….

It is enough to get registered in humyo service if the business documents are to be taken in back up. 10GB free space is provided. Backup, Access, Share, Sync services can be availed. Data can be shared with others in a 256 bit encryption technology firewall. Invitation for facebook, hotmail, Gmail users can be sent easily. For more details, visit www.

5GB free space with basic plan of OpenDrive….

In order to take back up of 2,500 documents, songs, photos, sign in to OpenDrive. In this site, 5GB is being provided freely in the basic plan. For more details, visit www.

Services of Microsoft Sync….

Do you use more than one system at home and office? In order to mange and take back up of the files created in all the systems of the network in a full fledged way, install and use SyncToy 2.1 utility designed by Microsoft. To synchronize the data in local area network as well as online, install the tool Windows Live Folder Share. It is very easy to create back up network in this service. For more details and downloads visit, www.

2GB free space from MyOtherDrive

Sign in to MyOtherDrive Online service to back up the important data like favorite photos, documents, presentations and others. Two GB free space is provided. Data can be shared with others. For more details visit www.

Another 2GB free space from Drop box

Drop box service also provides 2 GB of free space. Register in this site with email id and sign in for online storage of documents of up to 2 GB. For more details visit www.

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