How to listen to the written matter using reading softwares? | Free online tools and softwares to listen to the written content

How to listen to the written matter using reading softwares? | Free online tools and softwares to listen to the written content

Free-Text-to-SpeechIf you are not having the interest to read the matter which you have browsed on the net or the matter important for your exams, then you can listen ton it now. As you listen to FM radio, MP3 songs in the system, you can now convert the project files, important information into audio files and listen to them. We can also transfer them to mobile from system or laptop and listen to them. For this purpose, online tools and services are ready.

Change ears into eyes:

When you want to give some rest to the eyes, you can change your ears into eyes. It is possible with the help of natural reader software which can be downloaded for free from the site. It creates a shortcut on the desktop and opens with a menu bar and toolbar. By selecting the matter in the text box, we can listen to the matter. We also have stop, backward, forward buttons to manage the audio. We can change the voice and speed of the audio by using speed and speaker options. We can convert the matter into an audio file by using MP3 option and we can change the quality by settings option. www.

MP3 is ready:

Without downloading and installing, we can convert the text into audio file. Visit the site http:// and enter the browsed text or written matter into enter text in English box. Next sect the male or female voice and later on press the create MP3 button so that the text gets converts into audio file. After the completion of the process, click on the download MP3 (save as) and save the file. You can listen to it whenever required. You can install the vozme services as an addon. One can add this service as widget on igoogle and face book also.

Registration is enough:

You can also convert the PDF files, emails and word files into audio files. Just visit the site www. and register in this site. After signing in the home page appears with menu bar and tab buttons. Click on new recording and we can create audio files in enter text, document, web page or document URL and email labs. In order to convert normal text, we need to enter the matter in text to convert box. We should select the name to save the file and click on record option. We can see the name, downloads, public and status in a separate page. By selecting downloads we can select the MP3 file to download. By using share MP3 option we can share the file with others and these files are stored for 30 days. By clicking on firefox extension, we can install the browser like add on.

Two at a time:

In order to upload 10MB PDF file, word file or any other file, you need to visit http:// After signing in, you will see the my profile, my recordings, convert files in menu bar. Click on browse files and select the files needed to be converted. Click submit and they will be converted into audio files. You can also send the file to your mail id, by checking the option. By visiting http:// you can convert the files into audio ones by three steps. By putting the text in text box and by selecting the make MP3 file we can do it.


There are so many softwares to read the files and some of them are dspeech, panopreter, TTSReader, HearPC. It is enough to copy the matter into textbox and thy will read the file. We can change the voice and speed by the option speed, pitch and volume. In TTS Reader, we can browse the word documents and hear them. For more text reading tools, we can visit http://

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