How to get an operating system for free, through open source? | Ubuntu OS Review

How to get an operating system for free, through open source? | Ubuntu OS Review

DesktopOpen source is the most useful and revolutionary change in the software field. This provides hundreds of softwares for free and now a new operating system is included in this. That is ubuntu 10.04 version and it is created by experts team across the world. We can now use it instead of Microsoft windows. The special features are speed, enjoyment and easy interfaces. There are many other facilities like web browser, media applications, instant management etc. not only desktop edition, there are ubuntu 10.04 notebook edition, ubuntu 10.04 LTS server edition. There have interfaced small windows and notebooks.

Different desktop:

Ubuntu desktop is totally different from windows desktop. It contains the task bar on the top and there won’t be any icons on the desktop. It contains applications, wallpapers, places, system, and browser icons on the task bar. Like start button in windows, we can click on applications to select the program. There are many applications like accessories, games, office, internet, ubuntu software center etc. to explore the system, we should select places and a dropdown menu is opened. It contains home folder, desktop, music, pictures, computer, floppy drive etc. my computer option in windows is present as computer option in ubuntu. The preferences and administration options are available in systems in task bar. To change the display settings, we should select display option.

How to browse?

Firefox is set default in the ubuntu and it is used to browse fast and safely. We can open the browser by clicking on application->internet->firefox->web browser. To install more open source softwares, they have installed ubuntu software center. We can get all the softwares available in open source here. We can search the tools like education, games, graphics, programming, office, sound and video. We can search the softwares by entering the name of it in the search box. We can install and uninstall it easily.

Office is ready:

To use MS office in windows OS, we need to pay and for using it in ubuntu is free. This is open office and we can create word documents, spread sheets, presentations like MS Office. If you interested in music, you can download songs from ubuntu one music store. You can also upload files with the help of ubuntu one file sharing and listen to them any where. We can copy the photos from USB drive, mobile and cameras easily. We can browse the photos in F-spot, picasa, facebook and flicker. We can also install the free photo editing software from ubuntu software center.

Data is safe:

A separate service is provided in ubuntu to access and back up the data. This is called ubuntu one. You can create a free account and upload data in it. We can access the data from anywhere. We can upload music, documents, pictures, contents in this. 2GB space is given for free. We can save 1000 numbers from Iphone.


  • With easy interface, we can access the email and chat in yahoo, gmail, MSN, AOL etc.
  • We can get social networking updates easily. We can access the facebook, twitter etc accounts with the help me menu. We can set the chatting status in the system tray.
  • With the help of quick updates option in task bar, we can get the new updates. We can browse and view videos in you tube, IPlayer, MSN and we can edit the videos with piviti tool.
  • We can get hundreds of video games in ubuntu software. Puzzles, adventures etc are free.
  • For downloading and other details

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