How to change Photos into cartoons?

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Posted on: April 23, 2010

How to change Photos into cartoons? | Free online photo to cartoon converting software

If you are having, the interest in making the creative work, using the imagination, log in to the website www. and it is in this site one can make their photos in a funny and in a creative way. Using many techniques and effects, one can make the pictures in a colorful manner. One can get the membership by logging into the option Create and can upload the photos through the system, web camera and online photo services.There are many kinds of photo effects on the left side and the effects can be applied by clicking on each and can apply the styles for the photos. There is also an option to look the photos in the thumbnails using all the effects in the option. After changing the photo, it can be saved in the system using the save, share and the print options. These are the memories, which can be shared with others and can even take the print of those creative pictures.

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