How to become a Cartoonist?| Becoming cartoonist can be easy with

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Posted on: April 24, 2010

How to become a Cartoonist?| Becoming cartoonist can be easy with

Other than the words, the pictures speak loud…is the only concept for all the networks starting from the newspapers to cartoons. It is not only the work that is done and possible for the specialists and for the cartoonists, but it is also possible for the ordinary people just by signing in to the bitstrips.

Register in the site by clicking an option called Join Bitstrips today.  After the registration process is completed just will receive a mail to their mail id seeking the confirmation of registration to activate.  The confirmation process will be completed by clicking on the link provided in the mail and the account will be activated.

After the activation process is completed then they can see the homepage with the options like My Profile, My Strips, My characters, My Scenes and so on.     In order to create an Avatar to your profile then they can select an option called designing an Avatar.   The different designs with different art are available can be converted to the wish of the user and can be saved it as an Avatar.   By clicking on the option called My Stuff, which is available to the left side of the site one can find an option called Friends which is used to search the Mail ids of the users who are already using Bit Trips by giving the mail services.

Start Now

Start preparing yourself to form the stories and situations into comics just by clicking on the create option by appear on the left side of the site.  The comic builder option is opened by using the tabs like Layout, Art Library, Text Bubbles, and Controls.  After the comic builder option is opened, we can choose the number of panel boxes that are needed for the comic to create.  There is also an option to insert the effects like Characters, Scene, Furniture and Wall items just by clicking the Art Gallery option.  By clicking on the character option in the art gallery, we can drag the necessary picture into the box and can edit it using the options that are available under the box.  Depending on the situation, one can change the effect using the background in the scenes option of the gallery.  One can choose the controls to change the actions of the picture that is selected.  For example, to change the sitting doll as a standing and vice versa select the doll and enter into the control option where the features can be edited.

For Dialogues

By clicking the text bubbles tab one can make the created character to speak the dialogues.  In this option there appears various kinds of dialogue boxes and we can select any one depending on the situation and can drag that into comic panel.  To type the dialogue script click on the text box and to change the font size and color click on the text style menu option.

To Publish

After completion of the comic it is not only to save but can also publish the comic in various communities like Humor, News, Politics, Pop Culture, Drama, Tach, Mystery, Horror and so on.  There is also an option to post or Blog the comic in your blog by clicking on the option Blog/Post it or can share the designed comic with your friends with an option called Share.

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