Drinking Water Should Be Boiled

Polluted WaterDrinking Water Should Be Boiled | Polluted Water Causes Illnesses

By drinking polluted water most of the people catch illnesses.  Diarrhea, Cholera and Typhoid occur due to drinking of polluted water.  Water is getting polluted due to water pipes, water storage tanks, and leakage of water pipes.  For these reasons water is getting impure.  Most of the people have no specific idea about pure water.  World wide so many lakhs of people are dying by drinking contaminated water. The supply of pure water is the responsibility of authorities. But at least we have to take care about our drinking water.  We have to take water by filtering with cloth.  It is better to boil   water before drinking.  It is better not to drink storage water. If we take atleast these precautions then we would not get illness.

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