Best Watchdogs

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Posted on: April 25, 2011

Best Watchdogs | Types of Dogs which Protects Us

The By-name name of dog is faith. Dog will show that much of love, which we show on her. It will try to save us from others, who attack us even by losing her life. There are so many verities of dogs. We will know the powerful dogs which protects us and our houses.

BullmastiffBullmastiff: Bullmastiff was born for two dogs namely mastiff and bulldog. This dog is very stout and does not know fear. It will protect her owner and his family members from any danger. It is a very good dog in attitude. It will discharge night watching duty very effectively. This dog does not require any training. Bullmastiff protects children very carefully. This dog moves very freely with family members. But this dog is having more head temper.

German shepherdGerman shepherd: German shepherd is very close to us from long time. This dog shows more patience and obedience. Many persons are showing interest to adopt this dog as it is of good attitude. German shepherd is a dog which is more tall, strong and active and which will mingle with humans very easily.  It will also discharge police vigilance duty very effectively. It will play active role in tracing explosive items and criminals. That is why this dog is called as police dog. It learns anything which will tells to her. It is very easy to adopt her.

RottweilerRottweiler: Rottweiler has got special place in discharging security duties from Roman Emperor time. Rottweiler is very strong dog. This dog is having interest on games. Running and catching moving ball by running is also very interest for this dog. Rottweiler likes to stay with human beings. It will discharge security duties very actively. We have to give training to this dog, when it was a kid.

Doberman pinscherDoberman pinscher: Doberman pinscher is very good in discharging watching duties. From the past 100 years this dog has been doing these duties. It is very amicable to humans. Intelligence, power and strength are also very high for this dog. Doberman pinscher does not mix with new persons easily. This dog’s voice is very loud. Frequent training is necessary for this dog.

KomondorKomondor: Komondor is having one more name i.e. Hungarian Sheepdog. Komondor, which is having fur over her body, looks very beautiful. Though it looks slow it will be active. Self confidence and strength is also more for this dog. Komondor will discharge its duty very effectively, when any danger occurs. Komondor frequently suffers with some ill-health problems.

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