Watch Television from certain distance

Watch Television from certain distance | Watching Computer nearly is not Dangerous

Television from certain distance A doubt arises for all human beings regarding the distance between the screen of computer or television and the human eyes. It is advisable to watch the television from some distance. But this is not possible in the case of a computer. So the doubt arises in all. This question arises especially in the case of cathode ray tube monitors, leaving the cases of present Light Emitting Diode (LED) and Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) screens using.

Comparing with the computer, area of monitor is more in televisions. Relevant to the screen area, their power is also more. Cathode ray tube screen looks like a big glass bulb at its back. At the extreme back, a filament is used as cathode for producing electrons. In color monitors, there will be three filaments. The generated electrons hit the back part of the screen to be watched. Since electrons fall on the area coated with florescent, light gets emitted. Those differences in the light emitted from electrons are visible as scenes on the monitor. Television screens are intended for many users to watch at a time. So, electrons hit the back of screen with heavy power. Then from some electrons, ultraviolet rays are emitted. So it is better to watch from certain distance. But in the case of computer, electrons have less velocity and less power. So the danger is less with computer.

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