First Robot Was Made In England

First Robot Was Made In England | The Name Robot Comes From Czechoslovakia Language

George DevolRobot is a machine that works through electronic programming. William Grey designed the first robot in the year 1948 in Bristol, England. In 1954 George Devol made the first digital, programmable robot and sold to General motors’ in the year 1960.They used the robots to lift the hot metal pieces up wards. Later the robots were used in nuclear programs, and scientific researches.

The name robot came from the word robota in Czechoslovakia language. This means compulsory labor in Czech language. These robots were used in sensitive stages of nuclear related works. It was anticipated that works that cause danger to human being can be done with   robots. Now a day’s developed countries are depending on robots for even common tasks. Robots are used to do many house hold works in Japan.

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