Reticulated Python

Reticulated Python | Reticulated Python Fluffy Is the Longest Python in Any Zoo in the World

Reticulated PythonReticulated python has created records in the Guinness book. It is 24 feet long. It weighs 150 kilograms. It values upto fifteen lakh rupees.

Reticulated python is very big. It has created so many records. It has created the record as the longest snake in all zoos all over the world. It belongs to big sized python species. But this is the biggest among all zoo snakes. This python is named as Fluffy. This python is seven meters long i.e. 24 feet. It weighs 150 kilograms. Its waist appears as a telephone pole. It is 15 years old.

There are 26 species in pythons. They can grow up to 33 feet. Pythons do not have poison. Replicated pythons are famous for their long length. Anacondas are the heaviest snakes in the world. Some anacondas weigh 250 kilograms.

At present, this replicated python lives in Columbus zoo in America. This python was grown up by a man named Clarke. He brought it up well.  Some of them have come forward to own it by paying lakhs of rupees. But Clarke has not sold it. It had participated in many animal exhibitions and made good income to Clarke. Finally Clarke had sold the python to Columbus zoo for fifteen lakh rupees. From then onwards, it lives there only.

To take this python to anywhere, a special vehicle is needed. To keep the python in that vehicle, nine people have to lift and shift it into the vehicle. Somehow it is enjoying royal status. Replicated python’s favorite dish is rabbit meat. Sometimes, it eats pigs and goats. More than fifteen lakh tourists have come to Columbus zoo for visiting this python.

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