Radio Activity process is discovered by Henry Becquerel

Radio Activity process is discovered by Henry Becquerel | Radio Activity is used in many applications

Henry BecquerelInitially, elementary particles were formed in the Universe after its origination. In them, Protons, Neutrons and Electrons are the major elementary particles. These three elementary particles form a group called Atom. Similar atoms combine and form Elements. Reaction between various elements forms different Compounds. In general the world we see, is the combination of elements and compounds. We have read that at the centre of atoms, protons and neutrons exist. Atoms lose stability if their number increases or decreases.

Atoms with large nucleus become instable. If the number of protons and neutrons exceed the limit, then nucleus tries to divide into two or more small nuclei. In those attempts for dividing, alpha rays and beta rays (electrons) will be emitted from the nucleus and it loses some more energy in the form of radiations. Then they transform to stable nuclei. This process is called Radio activity. Radio activity process was discovered by Henry Becquerel in 1896. Radio activity is used to generate atomic power. Radio active process has many applications in medical field for curing various diseases, in agricultural field for increasing the stamina of plants against diseases.

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