NASA launched WISE telescope

NASA launched WISE telescope | WISE telescope takes pictures for every 11 minutes and covers the entire universe with in 6 months

WISE telescopeNASA, the Space research organization of America has launched WISE, a tiny telescope on December 14th, 2010 into the space such that it revolves around the Earth. WISE meant Wide Field Infrared Survey Explorer. It absorbs the Infrared radiations coming from various astronomical objects in the universe and can find out more information about them.

In the Universe, there are Ultra violet rays, Infrared rays along with visible light. But human beings cannot see the UV light and IR light as they differ much in frequency and wavelength from visible light. These rays are emitted by various astronomical objects in the universe. These lights are not detectable with conventional digital cameras. WISE telescope is built differently such that one can see IR radiations along with visible light clearly.

WISE telescope revolves around the Earth in an orbit little bit far away from the poles for six months. During revolving around the Earth, camera present in the telescope always turns to the sky. It takes a picture for every 11 minutes. In that way in a period of six months, WISE covers the entire sky. With in this short span, it takes pictures of lakhs of stars, galaxies, asteroids and other astronomical objects. Through WISE telescope, many secrets of Universe can be known, which could not be known through Hubble telescope.

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