Marconi was the brain behind the transmission of programs on Radio | Marconi was awarded the Nobel Prize in 1909

Marconi was the brain behind the transmission of programs on Radio | Marconi was awarded the Nobel Prize in 1909

MarconiTelevision is seen in every household now and earlier it was radio which was seen in every household.  Radio occupies the first place in the technical revolution of 20th century.  This equipment which allowed the broadcast of various programs with less expense is because of the hard work of Guglielmo Marconi.

Marconi was born at Bologna, Italy on April 25, 1874 in a rich family.  Even as a boy he took a keen interest in Physical and electrical science and conducted experiments with various devices in his house.  The research conducted by Henrich Hertz on electromagnetic waves attracted Marconi.  He wanted to send the electromagnetic waves through wireless system.  His idea was to make the telegraph services easier.  He developed his own equipments and could send a telegraph signal to a distance of 1.5 kilometers.  He travelled to London in 1896 as he was not getting proper encouragement.  With the encouragement of an officer in the British Post Office he sent wireless signals to a distance of 6 kilo meters.  He obtained patent for the wireless telegraph system.  Later in 1899, he could broadcast news through English Channel.  Marconi established a Wireless company in England.  He developed required equipment to transmit wireless signals to long distances and successfully broadcasted the wireless programs in 1901 between England and Canada across the Atlantic Ocean.  The distance was nearly 3,378 kilo meters.

Marconi also invented magnetic detector, generator which produces radio waves etc.  He joined the Italian army and was awarded a military medal.  For the first time in the world in 1932, he established Microwave Radio Telephone between Vatican City and Pope’s summer retreat.  Marconi received many international awards as well as the highest award in Physics, the Nobel Prize.  When Marconi died in the year 1937, all the radio stations in the world stopped their broadcast for two minutes to pay homage to him.

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