Jean Perrin is a physicist and Nobel Laureate | Great scientist

Jean Perrin is a physicist and Nobel Laureate | Great scientist

Jean PerrinJean Perrin is the scientist who verified and proved experimentally the John Dolton’s theory of atoms and the Brownian motion of liquids by Einstein.  He was awarded the Nobel Prize in 1926 for his experiments.

Jean Perrin was born in Lille, France on 30th September, 1870.  He studied in Paris.  He obtained his doctorate at the age of 24 for his work on Cathode rays and X rays.  He joined as a teacher and was appointed a Professor.  Jean continued as a professor till Germany invaded France in the Second World War.  He migrated to America to escape from the Nazis.

Jean Perrin proved that cathode rays have a negative charge.  He did research on influence of X ray on conductivity, fluorescence, production of sound etc.  He could calculate the mass of water atom and the exact value of Avogadro number with the experiments he did using a powerful microscope.  Jean also could explain the thermo nuclear reactions which are basic reasons for solar energy.  He also experimented with the black body radiation and radio chemistry.

Jean Perrin wrote many books and published many research papers.  He also received many awards.  He received many doctorates from various Universities and he is a member of various science academies in various countries.

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