How to use and what are the new features provided in Google docs?

How to use and what are the new features provided in Google docs?

Google-DocsMany new features are added into Google documents and excel, power point, spread sheets can be crated like in the office. We can design flow chart by using drawing application and we can upload files.

Extra features:

It is sufficient to have a gmail account in order to access the files. By clicking on create new, we can create new document, spread sheet and presentation files. Few options are added in the menu bars and tool bars. By using the comment option in insert menu, we can ad comments to the words. Using image option we can insert pictures while writing the text. By moving the cursor, we can insert the horizontal line. By using foot node, we can add extra information. By using the equation editor in insert option, we can write equations related to maths and chemistry. By selecting spread sheet we can prepare the data tables like in excel. Function, chart, sort, format etc options are added.


There is a separate drawing field to draw the flowcharts. We can draw the flowcharts easily with the help of the shape, polyline, line, arrow etc options in the tool bar. We can see the preview of the drawing and upload all the files at a time. It is enough to click the select files to upload option and upload them.

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