How to improve the speed of the slow PC? | 6 Best tips to improve the Desktop / Laptop speed

How to improve the speed of the slow PC? | 6 Best tips to improve the Desktop / Laptop speed

Speed up your PC…

Disk-CleanerAre you using softwares installed in the system? After some period of time, the system may get slowed down. It may not be able to process the data and gets hanged up regularly. So, this is the depiction of accumulated unnecessary files in the system. Follow the below mentioned tips for improving the speed of the PC.

1.Remove the unnecessary

When the system is in use, some temporary files are created and they settle in the hard disk. They occupy more memory. They have to be deleted regularly. Use Cleanmgr, Prefetch, %temp% commands in the run of start menu. Select ‘Empty recycle bin’ option in the right click of the recycle bin. Select Properties -> Tools -> Defragment Now option in the right click of the My computer. It enables to defrag the files in each drive. Bad sectors will be created regularly. They will lower the PC speed. Select Properties -> Tools -> Check Now in the right click on the each drive icon. Refresh using F5 after closing any application. Don’t use wallpapers of high resolution. It is not good to install many programs in the C drive. Don’t open the applications till the system boots completely.  Don’t use many anti- viruses.

2.Regulate startup

To check the lowering of PC speed, it is necessary to have total control on startup.  Unnecessary programs in it should be disabled and it can speed up the PC. Enter msconfig in the RUN of start menu. In the next window that appears, select the start up tab and uncheck the unnecessary programs and then click apply. Then select the services tab and uncheck the unnecessary services and then click apply. Select the Boot.INI tab and change the TimeOut value from 30 to 10 seconds. By this the time for system boot process can be decreased. Updated anti virus should be used and the system should be scanned regularly. Don’t pack the C drive with many programs. Take care that there is at least 10 GB free space in the C drive. Don’t keep downloads in My documents. Remove the movies that use more memory, from the system after writing them in DVDs. Uninstall the unnecessary softwares.

3.Update the operating system

Operating system has to be updated regularly. Licensed users can get Microsoft updates for free. For this, use right click on the My computer and in the properties option, click the ‘Automatic Updates’ tab. Then select the automatic button and choose the specified time. By this, updates of the operating system will get downloaded and installed automatically from the internet. Scan the system after installing anti-spyware. For this install Spybot. Press the shift button while deleting the files. By this, the files will be deleted permanently without reaching the recycle bin. Also, change the virtual memory, visual effects according to the need, in the System properties -> Advanced option.

4.If the documents are unnecessary, remove them

Recently opened documents can be seen in the start button. This facility can be removed if thought as unnecessary. System will improve its speed by this. This can be disabled using registry editor. For this, go to the registry editor through regedit command and go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER/Software/Microsoft/Windows/CurrentVersion/Policies/Explorer. Right click and select the new key with NoRentDocs History D_WORD Key and set the value to 1. Close the registry and restart the system, the recent documents will not be seen.

5.Use these cleaning tools…

To remove the unnecessary files in the system and to improve the processing speed, use Tune Up Utilities. This software can be used to defragment, registry cleaning, identifying bad sectors and windows task manager. Also, using CCleaner will help in removing the unnecessary programs. Removing the temporary files, history, cookies, download history and others can be done by this CCleaner tool. For download and other details, visit www., www.

6. Diskcleaner – Good cleaner

Diskcleaner – A good cleaner. This tool can be of much use in improving the speed of the system. It is developed in open source community. It cleans temporary, cache, cookies and recycle bin. For download and other details,

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