How can we edit our photos with free online services | Alternate Online Photo editing tools for Photoshop

How can we edit our photos with free online services | Alternate Online Photo editing tools for Photoshop

PicnikPhotoshop is the one that strikes the mind when thought about photo editing. There are many free software and free online services as an alternative to this costly software. Some of them are GIMP, Krita, Cinepaint, Picnik, Pixia and others. GIMP software is designed with open source code. It can be installed in Linux, Windows and Mac. It can be used as an alternative to photo shop and has special toolbar and menu bar. Krita can be used to edit text along with photo editing. Visit Picnik if you want to edit the photos online without any downloads and installation. For more details,

Start in this way! Those who can’t afford to buy the photoshop software can make use of online service for photo editing. Go to, create an account and the images can be edited with different options in basic, adjustments and advance categories. Even without account, online photoshop can be accessed through test drive. To edit the photos in simple interface, download and install Photoofiltre, Ultimate Paint tools. Chocoflop is the software designed especially for Mac users. Images can be edited by using filters, layers and tools; and can be saved in different formats. For downloads and more details,

Looks in a different way!

To edit the photos with software that use less memory, install Photo Editor, Photo PosPro, Vew VicMan’s Photo Editor, Rendera, Photoinstrument 3.2 and Photo Plus 9 tools. With these tools, it is possible to insert text in the photos, trimming and joining one or more photos. For this, special tool bars and menu bars are designed in user friendly mode. To share the photos online and to edit them, use For more details,
It is the best way….. To edit the photos in a full fledged way as like in photoshop, is the way. It is designed with open source code. It works in Windows operating system. To get the software, go to the site, click on the download option in the menu bar and install it. It is designed with special menu bar and tool bars. Images can be differentiated into layers for editing. It is being updated by the online community regularly. More options like blurring, sharpening, red-eye removal, distortion, noise, embossing, rotate/zoom and others can be used to make the images more attractive. Colors can be altered by the options like brightness, contrast, hue, saturation, curves and levels. For download and other details,

Entertains well….. Download Photojoy software to edit the photos and to use them as screensavers on the PC desktop. Four services are provided in this software – Home, Colleges, Phototoys and Screensavers. The chosen screensaver can be downloaded from them and the images can be saved. Visit photofunia to view your photos as a big poster on the road, as a scientist or as a celebrity in the newspaper or in other different forms. Sign in to Photo bucket if the images are to be edited online and to share them with your friends and family members. For downloads and more details,

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