Coral Bleaching

Coral Bleaching | Global Warming and Pollution Causing Coral Bleaching

Coral BleachingWe all know that global warming and pollution are having a negative impact on the environment. One of the negative impacts is that the corals in sea are turning to white color.  This is called coral bleaching.

Corals are the body remains of one type of living things that live in seas. The coral gets the color from protozoa type organism known as called zooxanthellae.  Due to stress or death of zooxanthellae the corals turn to white. As per the scientists’ analysis, the corals change the color due to stress, due to increase in sea water, temperatures and ultra violet rays from sun.   The living organism cannot sustain the changes of the environment and not only that this situation might be an indication for the environmental problems that we are going to face. At least now we need to be alert and protect the environment.

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