Conservation Of Energy

Conservation Of Energy | Use Public Transport to Prevent Pollution and Usage of Energy

PollutionSome people while working in the kitchen leave television or tape recorder   on in the hall.  When they are in hall, the fan in the bed room keeps running.  Due to this reasons   lot of electricity is getting wasted.  So let us control this unnecessary wastage of electricity.

  • Use florescent bulbs which consume electricity.
  • Control the wastage of water.  If you are washing car or two-wheeler, then wash them in lawn. If you are washing your pet, wash in lawn so that there is no necessity to wet the lawn particularly.
  • Remember, if traffic is less then pollution and usage of petrol is less.
  • Use public transports.  If you are traveling lonely, then give lift to another person.  Use one vehicle if yours and yours friend offices are in the same route.  This is called “Pooling”.
  • Stop the engine when traffic signal is hold.
  • Use both sides of the paper to write.  Reuse the envelopes.
  • Use the recyclable papers for invitation cards, envelops and letter pads.
  • Use washable type in place of disposable napkins.
  • Switch-off the power of monitors and printers when work is over.
  • Use paper and Jute bags instead of plastic bags.
  • Use solar heat water, solar fencing and solar lights at home.

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