Woodpeckers peck trees mainly for food

Woodpeckers peck trees mainly for food | Woodpeckers make drumming sound as a signal of claiming that area

Woodpeckers Woodpecker makes holes in the trunks and stems of trees with its hard beak. There are many reasons for doing this. Main reason behind the making holes by Woodpecker is the search for food. Wood Pecker has great listening power. It can hear even the tiny sounds made by the insects lying below the barks of trees. Even if the insects did not make sounds also, wood pecker can identify the waves generated by the changing body postures of insects. Wood peckers have also their feet, suitable to peck the trees. When the woodpecker is making holes into trunk of a tree, its feet will protect it from slipping down.

After making holes, woodpecker keeps its long tongue into the hole made, to catch the insects inside for eating. The length of its tongue is 3 times that of its beak. There will be a sticky fluid on its tongue which is adhesive in nature. Through it, woodpecker picks the insects easily. Sometimes, woodpecker makes holes into the trees to store the grains. Also woodpecker makes holes to form a pair. Both male and female woodpeckers give signal by making sounds through wood pecking.

Woodpecker doesn’t waste the trash that comes from pecking the tree. It keeps the waste in its nest and lays eggs on it. The making of sound by woodpeckers through their beaks on trees is called drumming. This drumming sound is even audible to a distance of half of the mile. It makes drumming sound to give the signal which indicates claiming of that area of land by it.

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