Three Winged Fans Better Than Four Winged Fans

Three Winged Fans Better Than Four Winged Fans | Power Consumption Is Less with 3 Winged Fans

Three Winged Fans There are even four winged fans besides three winged fans. But the three winged fans have more demand. There is a reason for this.

Fan pushes the air which is at the back to the front. In this way, the fan makes the air to spread in the complete room. That is why the wings of the fan are slightly bent. If the wings are not bent, the air will not blow properly. Even the air does not come down though it runs for a long time. The more number of wings in the fan the more air it will spread. But as the number of wings is increased for the fan, the weight of the fan is also increased. It becomes a burden for the motor in the fan to make the fan run swiftly. Which means the capacity in the fan to run will be decreased.   Many researches were done on wings of the fan. Finally the scientists have said that the three or the four winged fans works better and even the power consumption is also very less.

The three or the four winged fans can give a stable rotation system which is necessary for the fan to work constantly.  Users of three winged fans need to spend fewer amounts on power. That is why the three winged fans came into usage in the market when compared to the four winged fans.

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