Water Purifiction Method in Saudi Arabia

Water Purifiction Method  in Saudi Arabia | Sea Water is Purified and Used as Drinking Water

Water PurifictionMany researches are being conducted to minimize water pollution around the world. Saudi Arabia is utilizing the pollution free solar energy, wind energy, and hydel power very effectively.

Sea water will be stored in large containers made of metals initially. This water gets boiled by utilizing solar heat with the help of magnifiers. These magnifiers are capable of increasing the effect of heat of sun up to 40 times more. A generator works by using the water vapors produced by boiling of water in containers. This generator produces electricity which is used by a fridge to cool down boiled water. The salt in that water which has been freezed gathers on the surface thus gets removed. These salt free ice bergs are condensed and used as drinking water. Water purifying machines are very costly and thus will be out of reach of poor people. These machines consume energy resources. Thus this method of purification is very cheap and eco friendly also.

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