Wastage of Water

Wastage of Water | Saving Water Is Responsibility of Every Person

Wastage of WaterNow-a-days many people wet the front of their home with big pipes of water.  In earlier days people wet used to their ground with buckets of water.  Now people think that this procedure is tough.  So they are using long pipes for wetting grounds, which are infront of their homes.  But during this process plenty of water is getting wasted.  Some people leave the taps open and do not care about that and go inside of the home.  By the time they return, two or three buckets of water is getting wasted.  So we have to use buckets to wet the grounds and for other necessities. We will know the value of water when we think about the people who suffer in sun to bring some buckets of water by walking miles of distance.  So it is the responsibility of every one to save water.

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