Venus and its specialties

Venus and its specialties | Sun rises in the west and sets in the east on Venus

Venus Venus is the second planet from the Sun. It lies at a distance of 0.7 astronomical units from the Sun which meant at a distance of 10.5 crore kilometers from the Sun. When observed from the Earth, Venus is the next shiniest astronomical body after the Sun and Moon. Venus has almost the size of the Earth. Its volume is equivalent to that of 95% of Earth’s volume.

Climate on the Venus planet is 90% denser than that of climate on the Earth. But like Earth, Venus do not has magnetic field around it. In the entire Sun’s family, Venus is the hottest planet. Its surface temperature lies about 400 degrees Celsius. Also it is Venus which has less number of up’s and down’s on the surface. Almost all of its surface will be smooth like a playground. When compared to other planets, Venus revolves around itself in an opposite manner. That’s why on the Venus, Sun rises in the West and sets in the East. Venus takes 224.5 days to complete one revolution around the Sun. But it takes 243 days for the Venus to revolve around itself for one complete revolution.

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