Each TV channel signal will have different frequency

Each TV channel signal will have different frequency | All these frequencies travel through cable wire and reach the homes

TV channel A cable connection wire for the telecast of programs in the television is set by a local cable operator. Cable operator buys the franchise from different channel organizers to get the rights of telecasting their programs by paying huge amount of money. Channels send the signals of programs to be telecasted to the satellites through which cable operators receive them with the help of special antennas. The received channel signals will be having different frequencies.

A special electronic device absorbs them and tunes them into the suitable frequency for telecasting. All these frequencies as a combination come to home through a cable wire connected to television. By identifying the Radio Frequency socket lying at the back side of the television, all these signals transform to different frequencies. This phenomenon is called Demodulation. Television circuit generates the frequency related to the channel chosen which causes resonance effect of translation due to the matching of frequency of both channel and television circuit. This results in the telecast of programs of that channel only. All this process is done quickly.

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