Tips for saving power

Tips for saving power |Unplug All Electric Devices When Not in Use to Save Power

Tips for saving power

Unplug All Electric DevicesMost of the families are using the items which work with electricity.   According to the opinion of the specialists, though it is very common, by following some saving tips, one can save a lot of power consumption. By saving one unit of power, there is no need to produce 1.5 units of power. By keeping this in view, the specialists are saying that everyone has to save power.

  • The lights in the houses go on running though there is no body in the room. The same is with the fans too. This is the same situation in some of the offices. This results in the wastage of more power. It is the responsibility of everyone to switch off the lights and fans when there is no body in the room.
  • One has to arrange windows and doors in such a way that the light and air   come into the house. It is safe to have curtains in order to get the sunlight into the house. So that the usage of lights during day time will not be there.
  • It is better to use florescent bulbs which give more lighting instead of using two or three normal bulbs.
  • One has to check whether all the fan regulators are working properly or not. In most of the houses, the fans go on running continuously without having any connection with the regulators. This results in the wastage of more power.
  • Using automatic iron boxes is very good for power saving. It is not good to sprinkle water on the clothes while ironing the clothes which is responsible for more power consumption.
  • It is better not to use electric stoves. If used, the power is to be switched off before five minutes when the food is being cooked. The rest of the cooking will be completed with the heat that is there on the stove. Then automatically the power will be saved.
  • The main switch is to be unplugged when not using the TV and audio system. Some of the people just only switch off the machine switches. For this reason, the power is consumed though the TV is not being watched. The same is applicable even for computers. Experts are saying that around 40% of power is wasted by keeping the switches in the sleeping mode.
  • It is good to keep the refrigerator in a wide special room. More power is consumed by opening the fridge door often and by having sunlight on the fridge. The fridge is not to be placed even in a very cool place. The seals of the door are to be examined. If there is any damage or if the air passes in, the usage of the power will be more.
  • By following some of the tips in using the washing machine, most of the power is saved. The machine is to be used when there is more number of clothes. Timer is to be used for   washing machine. It is good to use the cold water for washing the clothes in the washing machine. The washed clothes are to be dried in the outside rather than in the washing machine.
  • The ACs which is having automatic cut option is to be used. It is better to have low cooling while using the AC. The windows are to be closed when using AC’s. It is better to unplug the power when not being used. It is not good to leave the lights and plug switches on when not in use.

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