Sun Looks Red in Morning and Evening

Sun Looks Red in Morning and Evening | Sun Looks Red Because Of Climate on Earth

Sun Looks RedLight emitted by the Sun is actually in white color. But while rising and setting, Sun looks reddish in color for some time. Reason for it is the climate on the Earth and it is nothing related to Sun.

Sunlight has to travel through the climate of the Earth before reaching us. While travelling, sunlight gets reflected by some crores of microscopic particles belonging to various materials. Then white light gets dispersed into different colors. Based on the conditions prevailing, some colors are dispersed more   while some colors are dispersed to less. Colors dispersed from white light reach the Earth. Based on the color of light reaching the Earth, Sun and clouds are visible in that color.

While the sunlight is travelling in slanted direction, white light gets dispersed well and red rays fall on the land. For that reason, Sun is visible as reddish in color during early morning and evening times. During other times, sun rays travel in straight lines and so white light undergoes less dispersion. And hence Sun looks in general color.

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