Everything is special in Longest Car LIMO | LIMO car entered the Guinness book of world records

Everything is special in Longest Car LIMO | LIMO car entered the Guinness book of world records

LIMOWe know small cars in which only two persons can be seated. We know long cars which can accommodate upto 15 members. But do you know Long cars, which are having almost length of a train. These cars were recorded in ‘Guinness book ‘of records. Let us know about these long cars in detail!

We generally see cars with four wheels on roads. But do you know about a car with 26 wheels? We know that any car will have a single driver. But do you heard any time about a car with two drivers? Cars provide space for sitting. But can you imagine the swimming pool in a car? A car will have space for luggage. But can you expect that a car can provide space to land a helicopter?

There is a car with all these specialties. Its name is Limo. It has entered in the Guinness book of records as the longest car in the world. Limo is at California. If anyone wants to see from beginning to ending of the car, he has to walk atleast 100 feet because of its great length. That’s why it is fitted with 26 wheels. A person named J.Oreberg has designed this car Limo specially.

There are many specialties in this car. A swimming pool is there with in the car. To jump into the pool, a diving pad is also provided. Sun deck is provided in the car to take rest in warmness of sun, after swimming. Big bath tubs are available. Many chairs and televisions are provided to accommodate more people. A separate satellite antenna has been employed in this car for displaying programs in televisions. Big water bed is provided to roll over. At the end of the car, a helipad is provided to get landed directly into the car. But it is not that easy to drive this car. Extreme care has to be taken when road bending comes. Some times car has to move back in the way it has come previously. So in order to control it, two drivers will be there, one will be at front end and other one at rear end. Which ever way car goes, the driver at that end will drive the car. There won’t be big problem even when bending of road comes. Car is designed with a link such that it can turn easily. In California it is not possible to ride this car on roads freely. Special permission has to be taken, to bring it on the road. There are many uses of this car. Limo car owner is earning so much money by sending it to Hollywood cinemas, Special celebrations, parties, Exhibitions etc. That’s why owner of the car is not agreeing to sell this car to anyone.

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