Sounds of Animals

Sounds of Animals | Elephants trumpet are Heard from Twenty Miles away |Whale Makes Loudest Sound

Animals make sounds to give danger signal to other animals of same kind, to give information about food, and for other purposes. They can make sound not only with throat but, by rhythmically tapping the food on earth etc.  Water animals make sound by slapping their fins or tails on water.

How much distance the sound of the animal will go depends on the type of animal and situation. For example, the Africa lion’s roar will reach to five miles of distance. The howler monkeys cry can be heard till more than two miles. In frogs, the bullfrog sound will reach more than half mile. The elephants make sounds by moving the legs on the floor the sound will travel up to twenty miles of distance. In this way, the indication from one elephant to other elephant will reach for long distance. In animals, the loudest sound making animal is whale. The sound is more than 188 decibels and can be heard till a few hundred miles.

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