Sea Water Contains Minerals

Sea Water Contains Minerals | Rain Water Carries Chloride Ions to Sea

Sea WaterSea gets several minerals and other components from the rivers that merges in it and also from the lava of the undersea volcanoes. River water generally carries various ions of several compounds into sea.

Atoms containing more or less number of electrons than that of at normal state are called as ions. River waters supplies mainly silicate ions, carbonate ions, sodium ions, potassium ions and calcium ions into sea. On the other hand Volcanoes releases hydrogen and chloride ions into seas.

Most of the sea animals utilize the calcium carbonate and silicon to make their outer shells. Some of the minerals of sea absorbs potassium where as some absorbs hydrogen. Sea water holds sodium ions received from river waters and the chloride ions received from volcanoes. This process is getting continued from several crores of years which results in the presence of salt which gets extracted by several methods.

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