Sea Birds Lay Egg Once In A Year

Some Sea Birds Live For More Than 60 Years | Sea Birds Lay Egg Once In A Year

Sea BirdsThe birds which spend most of the life flying on sea surface and at sea shores are called as Sea Birds. These birds lead their life by eating fish and other Schmitz. Some kinds of sea birds such as Albertson and Petrels live for more than 60 years. These birds start to lay eggs from the age of 5-12 years. Some kinds lay eggs once in a year whereas some lays once for two or three years.

The Albertson birds build bowl shaped nests. The lady bird will be little larger in size than the male ones which lays one white colored egg. The incubation period of the egg varies from 35 days to 85 days based on the kind of the bird. The parent birds protect and provide warmth to the babies till they attain the ability of controlling their body temperature.  Sea birds attain the ability to fly after 110 days to 304 days based on their kind. Thus parent birds visits the nest till the baby is able to fly and provide food to it.

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