Saving power is saving national property

Saving power is saving national property | More Power Is Wasted by Not Following Simple Tips

Around 30% of the usage in total power consumption is   for   home needs only. Experts are saying that there is more percentage of wastage. By taking small tips one can save a lot of power. By this one can get relief from the problem of having no power and one can take part in protecting the national property.

The usage of power will be very high during the summer season. Especially the usage of fans, coolers and ACs is very common to get rid of suffocation. According to the change in the life style, the items like washing machine, microwave oven, computers, iron box, TV, fridges are becoming very common in middle class families also. But during the usage of these products, by not following the basic measures most of the power is wasted. The bills are in thousands by the end of the month due to this wastage. This is a kind of financial loss for the middle class families. On the other hand, there are many situations where a unit of power is supplied for many families for subsidy rates of Rs.7/- by many governments. Wasting excess power is nothing but misusing the national property. The specialists are saying that every individual has to feel it as a responsibility to save the power which is useful for the future generations.

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