What Is The Running Speed Of A Domestic Cat?

What Is The Running Speed Of A Domestic Cat?

Domestic CatMan’s favorite pet after dog is cat.  There are historical proofs that from the past 8000-year’s humans are rearing cats. In all over world, the human beings have more than fifty crores of cats as pets.

The cats will run with thirty-mile speed per hour. They can climb walls easily. Other specialty is they can jump seven times more than their body height. The smelling power of cats is fourteen times more than the smelling power of humans. For this reason, if anybody cooks the fish, which is the favorite food for cats, they move in those surroundings only. Just like the finger prints of any two persons are not same in the same way, in any two cats the edge of the mouth will not same.

In any pet animals, the cats are the first animals, which will eat well, plays happily and sleeps happily. Cats will sleep generally, thirteen to fourteen hours daily. As the age increases, the sleeping time also increases. In addition, when compared to other pet animals cats like more cleanliness.

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