Road Turnings

Road Turnings |The Reason of Constructing Roads with Slopes at Turnings

Road TurningsThere will be a friction between the tyres and road when the motor vehicles travel on a flat road. That friction will give the centrifugal force for the vehicles that are turning.  But when the road turns suddenly, the friction between the road and tyres decreases and there are chances of skidding. To avoid these accidents, the roads at turnings will be constructed elevated on one side and low on the other side. This is called banking. The vehicle that is travelling on the banking road will turn safely. But the vehicles should not be driven too fast at the turnings. Because if the vehicle is travelling in speed more than the safety standards, the centrifugal force will become high and the vehicles might come meet with accidents. That is the reason why sign boards of speed limit or safety speed limit boards are kept on national highways at turnings. This can prevent accidents.

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