Rings Around Saturn

Rings Around Saturn |  Asteroids and Other Particles Revolve Around Saturn

Rings Around SaturnSaturn planet has spherical rings surrounding it which are a mystery yet. These rings are formed with 85% of fog only. Scientists declared that these rings have an area of lakhs of kilometers and many millions of asteroids revolve in these rings continuously. But they have failed to found the cause for this revolution.

Recently scientists have claimed that they have found the reason for spherical rings around Saturn. The expected cause was the fog, dust, soot, gases and asteroids that remained after the formation of planets, were revolving continuously. Some of these asteroids became satellites due to attraction forces and some even fell on planets. A sub planet was formed by these asteroids which get fall on Saturn in course of time. The fog layers on sub planet have been remained revolving around it and the fall of sub planet created an explosion. This explosion made the asteroids and other particles to revolve round the Saturn in rings. This took more than 10,000 years. Saturn contains mostly gases in it. Saturn is at distance of 145 crore kilometers. Saturn has a total of 62 sub planets. Titan is the biggest sub planet of Saturn. Saturn was named such based on the named of a Greek god. Saturn is 764 times larger than Earth.

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