Rhinoceros horn is made of Keratin

Rhinoceros horn is made of Keratin | Rhinoceros horn is used in Medicines

Rhinoceros hornCan anyone bend a tree with hair? No human being can do it. This thing can be done easily by a rhinoceros. It bends the tree not with its heavy body. It does with a little horn over its nose.

Horn of the rhinoceros is not made of bone or something like other animals. It is just made of hair. That’s why its horn is not attached to skull of head unlike cows or deers. Actually hair of any animal is soft. Hair is soft for rhinoceros also. But the hair on the nose of it is hard. For that reason, its horn looks powerful. Hair of the rhinoceros is made of a material called keratin. Hair and nails of human beings are also made by the same material. That’s why horn of the rhinoceros grows throughout the life. It uses   horns to bend small trees for eating their leaves. Indian and Java rhinoceroses have single horn where as the white & black rhinoceroses of Sumatran have two horns. In earlier days, Chinese people use their horns in making medicines for curing fever, poisonous food and other diseases. Now also hunters search for their horns as they got good demand. Due to this, number of rhinoceros is getting reduced.

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