Reasons for Fever

Reasons for Fever | Fever Stimulates Resistance Power of the Body

FeverGenerally the temperature of the human body will be 37 degree centigrade which is 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit. If the temperature is more than that, it is said that one got the fever. The temperature of the body will be increased when any germs or bacteria passes in the body of the human beings. This increase of the temperature is said to be one of the self protection methods. Getting fever is useful in protecting the body from various kinds of bacteria, viruses and many kinds of diseases. On the other hand, the fever is also responsible for the stimulation of resistance power in the body.

If any virus is entered into the body, the resistance cells increases the temperature of the body by releasing and sending the chemical signs to one of the special part of the mind. This development of the cells in the human body increases the metabolism, heart beat and respiratory system in the body. Due to that heat in the body, the bacteria which entered into the body is destroyed.

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