Raman Effect Analyses Scattering Properties Of Light

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Posted on: April 14, 2011

Raman Effect Analyses Scattering Properties Of Light | Raman Effect Medical and Chemical Applications

LightWhen Sunlight falls on sea water, blue colored light in the beam of sunlight scatters more and reaches our eyes. Hence sea water is visible in blue color. This principle of scattering phenomenon is proposed by famous Indian scientist Sir C.V.Raman. He proposed the Raman Effect which analyses the scattering properties of light falling on the liquids on experimental basis.

When light falls on the liquid, it gets scattered. That means, photon particles in the light rays fall on the liquid particles and undergo scattering. While falling, some photons scatter at a higher frequency where as some photons scatter at a lower frequency. That means some portion of light is scattering at different frequency. This is known as Raman Effect. For inventing this effect, C.V.Raman was awarded with Nobel Prize in 1930. Raman Effect is useful in observing the structure of atomic and subatomic particles of chemical compounds and artificial chemical solutions in industries. Moreover it is useful in analyzing medicines in medical field and the colors of clothes.

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