Radio Isotopes have Radio Active Power

Radio Isotopes have Radio Active Power | Radio Isotopes have many Applications in Medicinal Field

Radio IsotopesIsotopes are the atoms belonging to a single element but containing different number of neutrons. Isotopes with radio active power are called Radio Isotopes. Every element will have isotopes. For example, Carbon has large number of isotopes. But only Carbon 14 isotope of them has much radio active power.

There will be different forms of carbon in the human body. So there will be radio active isotopes existing in the human beings. But the minimal radio active power existing in these carbon radio isotopes inside the body do not harm us. But unlike the natural isotopes, scientists design the artificial radio active isotopes in the laboratories as a part of their research. One can see these isotopes because of their radio active power. Doctors depend mainly on radio isotopes in the treatment process to various diseases of patients. Radio therapy treatment will be given to cancer like diseases. Electricity generated from these radio active isotopes will be used. But with the increase in the radio active power of isotopes, the more dangerous it becomes in the usage.

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