How Much Quantity Of Water Is There In Various Water Resources?

How Much Quantity Of Water Is There In Various Water Resources?

Water ResourcesOur earth is the place where large amount water resources are there.  In this huge planet, seventy percent of earth is covered with big oceans. The depth of these oceans   is 1000 meters approximately. On earth, if 326 X 1018 gallons of water is there then in that 98% water is in seas and oceans. However, in that water the salt level is high so that water is not useful for agriculture and for drinking. However it can be used to grow the fishes, for shipment, to balance the weather.

In whole water on earth, only two percent of water is fresh water. However, 1.6 percent of fresh water is blocked in Arctic, Antarctic, and in glaciers. In remaining 0.4 percent water 0.36 percent water stay as underground water, 0.036percent water is in rivers and in lakes, the remaining 0.004 percent of water is in air in the form of clouds, in animals and plants body. The water in the clouds will give rains the rainy water will adds to water resources again the water changes to vapor and goes to clouds, this is the never-ending process.

Fresh water which is available for humans is the underground water. If the underground water is usage exceeds the limits, there will be severe shortage for drinking water in the future.

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